Gorilla PVC Glue FAQ’s

What is it?

Gorilla PVC Glue is an amazing, patented, one-part PVC cement. For a complete description, see Gorilla PVC Specifications.

How does it work?

In a matter of minutes it actually cold welds your PVC pipe and fittings creating a bond that is actually stronger than the pipe and fitting itself!

Do I need a primer with Gorilla PVC Glue?

No, you don't need a primer unless your local plumbing code requires you to use one. A primer can be used with Gorilla PVC Glue without weakening the joint. But physically, the bond that you get with Gorilla PVC is extremely strong without the use of a separate primer. Why? The virtually odorless solvent used in Gorilla PVC is much more aggressive than that in a conventional PVC cement, acting every bit like a conventional primer as far as bonding power.

Will Gorilla PVC be damaged by freezing temperatures?

Absolutely not! We have run freeze-thaw testing on the cement repeatedly (taken 20 times down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit above zero, allowed to thaw out, then repeated) and can detect no change in the viscosity or holding power of the cement.

What's that liquid residue left behind after the cement dries?

The liquid residue is the leftover mild solvent that remains when the PVC in the cement dries and cold welds the pieces together. The residual solvent will eventually evaporate, or can be washed away with water or wiped off. Excess adhesive can be neutralized by flushing the pipe with water right after gluing in order to exclude problems resulting from too much cement inside the pipe joint.

Can it be used on CPVC and ABS?

No - only on PVC material. It is designed for use with PVC pipe for cold water, but can be used for hot water up to 185°F.

Is it approved for potable water? 
Yes. It's suitable and safe for potable water. NSF-14 & NSF-61: Gorilla PVC Glue complies with ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Health Effects Requirements, and Standard 14 Plastics Piping System Components and Related Materials. Their Certified Product Listing allows it for use with PW, DWV, and SW. 

What about acids? Can it be used for pipes transporting acids? 
Yes, up to these concentrations:

  10% Hydrofluoric acid (HF)

  80% Sulphuric acid (H2SO4)

  36% Hydrochloric acid (HCI), and

  45% Nitric acid (HN03)

What makes it different than other PVC cements?

Many details distinguish Gorilla PVC  from other cements:



It doesn't require a primer to work

You save time & money. However, Gorilla PVC can be used with a primer if your local code requires it. Using a primer with Gorilla PVC doesn't necessarily make the joint stronger. In fact, too much etching into the pipe can actually weaken the joint.

It's non-toxic

You don't have to worry about (1) getting it on your skin, (2) a person or animal ingesting it. It is not a hazardous material. It is environment friendly.

It's non-flammable

You can use it even near open flames (if necessary).

It's non-staining

The original formula won't color your skin or other materials - it dries white and can be easily removed with water while still wet. It's now also available in purple!

It's virtually odorless

You can breathe normally while working - even in enclosed spaces! You don't need to open windows & doors or provide special ventilation such as fume hoods when working indoors. Others around you won't be bothered by obnoxious fumes, either. You can actually SMELL the difference!

It cleans up with water

You don't have to reach for another solvent - simply wash off any excess with water before it dries.

It has a one-step application

You won't need a primer. You also don't have to re-coat fittings two times before assembly as with some others.

It has no shipping restrictions.

It can be shipped by air, ground, or any means whatsoever without restriction.

It has a long shelf life (two years)

You will be able to use the whole can without spoilage.

It has less health effects

You will live longer!

It can fill gaps

You don't need to use as much.


We carry the Gorilla brand of PVC glue because:

  • It's non-toxic and has no foul smelling odors. It's safe for the environment.
  • It's non-toxic and has no foul smelling odors. It's safe for you!
  • It's non-flammable and is shippable via common carriers.
  • It's non-staining. It won't stain your skin, cloths or shoes.
  • It's easy to work with and gives you a longer setup time.
  • It's easy to clean with regular soap and water.
  • It bonds as well as, or better, than any other glue we've ever tried.
  • It has a long shelf life. (2 years or more.)
  • Saves money, because you don't need to buy primer.
  • Good for Sch 40 and class 200 up to 6". Good for Sch 80 up to 3".
  • This glue is also approved for potable water, DVW, sewer, drain, and pressure systems up to 160PSI and 185F.
  • Also, approved for electrical conduit! (NOT approved for ABS or CPVC.)