PVC Pipe vs. PVC Hose or tubing

PVC Pipe vs. PVC Hose or tubing

There are many different “terms” and “names” used for the products that we sell on our website.  Obviously, we like the term “flexible PVC” – we named our website after it!  But with all the terms that are used in the industry, at the plumbing supply house or at your local home center, we thought it might help if we explained some of the terms that are used, at least the way we understand them.

At FlexiblePVC.net, we sell flexible pipe, hose and tubing – nothing rigid.  We sell only flexible hose or pipe, not rigid pipe.  Rigid pipe (or “stick” pipe as it is sometimes referred to) is generally used to describe an item that is relatively non-flexible or rigid in nature, and that does not bend easily or was not produced to be bent.  In order to get “rigid pipe” to go around bends, one must use a fitting or a series of fittings. 

At FlexiblePVC.net we sell flexible products that are called pipe, hose or tubing. Since everyone has a slightly different definition of these terms, we try to use them as follows to eliminate any confusion. 

Flexible pipe or hose easily bends and in most cases can be used with a minimum of fittings, or none at all.  Unlike “rigid” or “stick” pipe or hose, it can go around bends and corners without being heated and without the use of extraordinary measures which may actually damage the product.

When you see the word flexible pipe used to describe one of our flexible PVC products, it means you are looking at a product that is used with PVC pipe fittings that glue onto the exterior of the pipe, using approved solvents and cements.   All of our flexible PVC pipe is meant to be used with glue-on fittings, not a “barbed” or “insert” fitting. While these types of fittings may actually work, the product was not designed with this use in mind.  Our flexible pipe may actually work if you use these fittings, but it may not function as well as you would expect as a result.

When you see the word flexible hose or tubing used to describe one of our flexible PVC products, it means that you are looking at a product that is meant to be used with “barb” or “insert fittings” and is not meant for use with the glue-on style fittings referenced above. This type of flexible hose or tubing is not meant to be glued into PVC fittings, instead you use a barbed or insert fitting, with a clamp to secure the connection – not glue.

We realize that these terms are thrown around in the industry referring to all sorts of different product.  We just want you know what WE mean when use them, so we can get your order right, the first time. Please keep these distinctions in mind when you are ordering product on our site.  It will help us to be certain to get you exactly what you expected, without delays and questions.

Thank you!