Why use Ultra Flex PVC pipe?

Why use Ultra Flex PVC pipe?

Well, to us, it’s quite obvious…..flexible PVC pipe is a pliable PVC pipe that is ideal for situations where rigid pipe is either not practical or desirable. Strong and long-lasting, Ultra Flex PVC pipe can be used for pools, spas, water gardens and as a general part of non-potable water systems i.e. hooking up washing machines, pumping waste water, etc.

Ultra Flex PVC pipe simplifies most plumbing installations. Because the pipe is flexible, it can easily be routed in any direction, and can be used in areas where space is limited or in other applications that simply would not accommodate a rigid pipe (i.e. tight curves). Flexible PVC pipe accepts standard Schedule 40 solvent weld fittings - the fittings used for rigid pipe, so the fittings are readily available, easy to fit and no special tools are needed for the installation.

Storing flexible PVC pipe is easy as compared with rigid or “stick” pipe. It can be easily coiled and stored in just about any type of container, or not container at all. It is considerably less awkward to store than rigid lengths of pipe which can only be stored straight.

Another benefit to the use of Ultra Flex PVC pipe is the ease of cutting the pipe. Special tools are often not required, as many sizes of Ultra Flex PVC can be cut with a strong pair of shears or utility knife. Trimming can be accomplished in a matter of seconds and does not require the effort needed to trim a piece of rigid pipe, allowing the job to be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Ultra Flex PVC pipe is resistant to mildew and relatively resistant to sunlight, although it is usually not recommended to leave the pipe exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. This makes Ultra Flex PVC pipe great for use in swimming pool, pond, water garden and agricultural applications.